It gives us great pleasure to announce that with effect from 1 July 2015, Scottfin implemented an exciting value add product onto our Personal Lines/Domestic clients’ short term insurance policies.

In partnership with Global Choices, Scottfin can now offer existing clients 24 hour emergency assist cover via the call Centre (0860 222 376), including;
Roadside & Accident Assistance
Home Assist
Crime Assist

Herewith a summary of the cover: (for full details, kindly contact the Scottfin office)

Roadside & Accident Assistance
Access to the following services in the event of a roadside emergency (limited up to R500 per incident):

  • Flat tire (help with change of tire)
  • Keys locked in vehicle (unlocking only)
  • Minor roadside–running repairs (electrical, coil, immobilizer etc.)

Tow-in service to the nearest approved dealership (if under warranty), repair centre or panel beater in the event of:

  • Mechanical breakdown – covered up to R500
  • Electrical breakdown – covered up to R500

Home Assist - Fixtures, Fittings and Services
In the event of a home emergency, we will arrange for an appropriate repairer (electrician, plumber, locksmith and glazier) to address the problem.

Crime Assist
This is a 24 hour crisis management product to assist you in the event of a hi-jacking or Home Invasion. We will assist with the following:

  • Cell phone stolen in a hi-jacking? You will be provided with a cell phone, loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R100
  • Vehicle hi-jacked, you will be provided with a Group B car hire for 48 hours to keep you mobile
  • In the case of your credit card being stolen, you will be provided with a pre-loaded debit card up to the value of R500 to assist you in the interim
  • In the case of your keys being stolen in a hi-jacking, a locksmith will be despatched to your house to assist you with your locks, up to the value of R1000 per annum
  • In the case of you being hi-jacked at your place of residence, a security guard will be placed at your house for 24 hours
  • In the case of your home being invaded, a security guard will be placed at your house for 24 hours after the invasion has taken place.
  • In case of your home being invaded, you have the option to stay at a hotel for the evening to the value of R1000 per annum.

Smartphone App
The App will provide clients with direct access to a suite of Assistance Services in the event of an emergency – the app user presses the panic button on the app and alerts Global Choices’ 24 hour contact centre that includes vital information to ensure swift action - name, contact number, emergency contact details and most importantly; your location.

Intelligent Panic
In a panic situation, you never want to be alone! Intelligent Panic provides you and your loved ones with 24 hour access to your own experienced Crisis Manager – who will help you through your emergency.

You never have to remember an emergency number again!
Intelligent Panic is a breakthrough in emergency support – you will never have to remember another emergency number again. Intelligent Panic has access to every emergency service you may need.

You will never be alone in an emergency! When you are in an emergency – WE take charge! Your Crisis Manager will call you back on your cell phone and help you through your crisis – whatever that may be.

Do you need emergency medical advice over the phone, do you need to find a doctor or an ambulance fast, have you been involved in an accident – or are you lost and feeling vulnerable? Intelligent Panic is there for you.

Access every emergency support service out there from one button on your cell phone.
To have access to Intelligent Panic, you need to register (should you require assistance, kindly contact the Scottfin Scottburgh office or pop in for a cup of coffee and one of our staff members will assist you in downloading the app onto your phone) and then choose one number on your cell phone that acts as your panic button. In an emergency, just press that one number – and we take charge of the rest.

Should you require more information on how your short term insurance portfolio can be tailor made to suit your needs, we kindly invite you to contact Marius Marais or Dillan Drew at the Scottfin Scottburgh office.

smart app diagram