At Scottfin Insurance Brokers, we are proud of our 20 year history in the community. We have a heart for the community and see our contribution not just as a need, but as a must. A few ways in which we have given back to the community in the past year include:

  • Donating R15, 000 towards a police dog
  • Supporting Khanya Hospice with the Go-Pink initiative for cancer
  • Donating a television to an uninsured couple who lost their entire house in a fire.
  • Supporting local clubs such as The Scottburgh Camera Club, the classic car show and local golf clubs.

We live for creating a legacy for your future. This is our mission and something that we, as a Company are passionate about. Respect for people is at the forefront of our business.

Our values are REAL, RELIABLE and RELEVANT. In the last year, we have been conscious of our brand and we wanted to be sure that we actually live our values.

We have found ways of keeping you safe when you need us most. Our new App, launched earlier this year is aimed at doing just that, right from the palm of your hand. If you are a client of Scottfin and want to know more about this app, fee free to visit or contact us and we will gladly assist you.

We would like to embrace the women in our community. Creating and leaving a legacy for mothers, business women and homemakers. Aiming towards creating mentors and a chain reaction that filters through to the younger ladies and children in our community. Ensuring that our children are nurtured into becoming powerful young adults. For us at Scottfin Insurance Brokers, it is important to see the young generation nurtured, and to have a culture instilled amongst the youth to have confidence in who they are, their potential and all that they have to offer the community. We want to inspire women to fulfill their potential towards becoming successful business women, mothers and homemakers.

Although thee insurance industry traditionally aims marketing towards the men in communities, studies have shown us that in 80% of the policies, the women in a household are ultimately the decision makers in the buying process thereof.

So on this note, we want to thank the women of our community for their continued support.

We pledge our commitment to you; our community, to stay true to our values of being REAL, RELIABLE and RELEVANT.